‘Tis the season for campfires, S’mores, and enjoying the outdoors

Campfire bans begin Wednesday at Arizona national forests

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What’s the difference between Seasoned and unseasoned wood?


Seasoned fire wood has been left out to air dry for about 6 months to a year. It has a moisture content of below 20 percent. As time goes by it becomes lighter physically and in color. Its cleaner to burn, easier to ignite; and easier to control the heat


Unseasoned fire wood is what they call green wood which is wood with a moisture content of 60 percent or above. Greenwood can be very dangerous. It creates a lot of smoke and may cause dangerous creosote to build upon the inside of a chimney leading to a chimney fire.


Types of Firewood:

Pine- Has a slow decaying process. Perfect For fire kindle.

Oak– Very dense and slow-burning creates a wealth of heat

Ash- Is known to burn extremely hot, capable of keeping you warm and toasty for colder camping nights.

Madrone- Is a dense hardwood capable of burning blistering flames and creates a fantastic coal bed for overnight burns


When splitting firewood you expose the interior of the wood, which helps it to dry out. When a tree is whole, its protected by the bark from the air and sunlight. You want to make sure you are stacking your split wood so that you can promote the seasoning process. When stacking your firewood you want to avoid contact with the soil, as there is moisture in the soil and it will soak into your wood. As a result, by lifting your stack off the ground it will help there be airflow to the bottom layer of your stack.