When the cold of winter hits make sure you are prepared with enough seasoned firewood.

Typically when firewood is first split it is green, this means it contains at least 60 percent or more water. This is not good for burning to heat your home. It is hard to get unseasoned firewood to ignite, it will smoke and not burn well. In addition, unseasoned firewood will not produce heat.

When looking to heat your home you will want to make sure you have purchased seasoned firewood. Seasoned wood has significantly less water content. Seasoned Firewood should have a water content level of approximately 20 percent or less. Usually, you can season your firewood is about 6 months to one year’s time.

When splitting firewood you expose the interior of the wood, which helps it to dry out. When a tree is whole, it is protected by the bark from the air and sunlight. You want to make sure you are stacking your split wood so that you can promote the seasoning process.

When stacking your firewood you want to avoid contact with the soil, as there is moisture in the soil and it will soak into your wood. In addition, by lifting your stack off the ground it will help there be airflow to the bottom layer of your stack.

Usually, a cord of wood will stack properly will measure 4 feet high, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long a total of 128 cubic feet.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance along with their landscaping, snow and ice removal also have seasoned firewood! If you are interested, in purchasing some, you can pick it up at our location or we offer a convenient delivery option.  Give us a call at (330) 882-1999, visit our website www.b-sharp.us or email us at bsharppm@gmail.com