There is only one truely organic mulch, True Mulch
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What is True Mulch?


True Mulch is the process specially designed by Owner/Operator of B Sharp Property Maintenance, Ed Gintling. Ed has 30 plus years in the business. With all those years of experience, B Sharp has designed a process of making mulch that is truly organic, pet safe and environmentally friendly. Also, True Mulch designed right here at B Sharps licensed and certified compost facility in Green, Ohio.


In fact, most consumers do not realize not all Mulch is created equal!! What sets True Mulch apart from others is the care that's given to what is used in the grinding process. True Mulch is made by grinding wood through a processor. To clarify, most companies will put whatever wood or yard clipping and debris that is in their facility, for example; pallets, railroad ties you name it. We do not do this because when you use just anything laying around you are putting herbicides, pesticides, and non-organic material into your mulch. It also becomes abundant in the finished product; the chemicals used in these products are harmful to not only pets but for humans as well.

The processing of True Mulch made right here in our facility; seperating all the non-organic material preserves the integrity of our mulch.Our product is made of 100% original hardwoods and no dye is used. This makes it 100% safe for the environment, pets and humans alike. All the material we use will break down over time and because of the organic nature of the material used it helps to provide your soil with additional nutrition. As the mulch is breaking down it is decomposing and helping to build up your topsoil. This is an added benefit because you won’t have to go out each year and purchase topsoil since our mulch already created it for you through the decomposition.

The additional nutrients will boost the growth of your landscaping while also blocking the growth of weeds. True mulch is also a good barrier from the heat and cold protecting your delicate landscaping. It helps to regulate the heat during the hot summer months and to protect the roots from the cold in the fringed winter months.  In addition to the many other benefits, True Mulch provides it will help to hold water so that you do not have to worry about watering your delicate landscaping as often. 



Premium Brown

premium brown mulch

$18.00 per yard picked-up

Double Dark Brown

premium dark brown mulch

$22.00 per yard picked up

Wood Chips





$15.00 per yd picked up

Premium Black

$28.00 per yard picked up

Chocolate Brown

$28.00 per yard picked up

Enhanced Red

$32.00 per yard picked up

Hardwood Brown

$28.00 per yard picked up