B-Sharp’s mission is to save you time and money by eliminating the hassle of leaf removal and time-consuming trips to the dump!


leaf removal
(Leaf Vac)



Our leaf removal vacuuming service since 1990. We eliminate the hassle of bagging leaves and time-consuming trips to the dump. You do the raking and we do the hauling!






leaf removal
 (Leaf Blower)

Save even more time and don’t break a sweat. We will rake/blow your leaves to a specified area of your yard. For an additional charge, we can haul away the leaves so your yard can remain the best-looking property on the block. Contact B-Sharp Property Maintenance or call 330-882-1999 for pricing.

Some Municipalities provide curbside pickup too their residents B Sharp Property Maintenance can get those leaves to the area where they can be picked up.

Our typical customer is a do-it-yourself homeowner who doesn’t mind leaf removal but doesn’t have an efficient or affordable method of removing their leaves.

We have come up with this simple process for your convenience:


  1. Leaves must be within approximately 10’ of the street or driveway edge.
  2. Sticks (hand-breakable) and vines should be separated from the leaves in a pile of their own.
  3. All leaves must be removed from bags or tarps.
  4. Foreign debris must be removed from leaves (for example rocks, balls, bottles, etc).
  5. Please have the work area clear of cars, lawn furniture, trinkets, etc. prior to our arrival. B-Sharp is not responsible for damages to Client’s items in our work area. The client should contact B-Sharp Property Maintenance about areas that may be off-limits.


Frequently Asked Questions About Leaf Removal:

Is my quote a firm price or could it change upon arrival?

Our quotes are done on a per-minute base, with a minimum of 20 min. Your price will vary in time according to the amount of time it took to vacuum your leaves.

Should I tip the pick-up crew?

Our drivers can accept tips should you feel they have provided excellent service.


How much notice do I need to give before my desired pick-up date?

To assure that we can accommodate your desired pick-up date, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.


How do I pay?

You will be invoiced after your service has been completed. At which time you may mail in a check. We do accept credit card but a fee does apply when paying with a card.


I live in a cul-de-sac and do not have much curb to place my leaves… Can you still help?

Sure, we can collect all leaves within approximately 10′ of the street or driveway edge.


My yard is fenced, can you reach the hose over?

Unfortunately, we cannot. There is too much risk of damaging your fence or our equipment. Our blowing and removal service could help in this regard.


For Raking & Vacuuming: the surface upon which the leaves are piled will be raked and blown clean by B-Sharp Property Maintenance. While it is our goal to leave these areas cleaner than the rest of your yard, however, a few lonely leaves may remain. NOTE: Decomposed or partially decomposed leaves can become buried under soil, grass, plants, rocks, etc. Under these circumstances, the decomposed leaves and dirt will not be removed.