Now is the time to start preparing your landscape for the upcoming winter months.

landscape fallen leaves

You will want to make sure you’re removing all debris from your landscape and flowerbeds. Now is the time to prune all your shrubs and trees. Also, it is a good idea to make sure you have a nice layer of mulch put down. This will help protect your plant roots during quickly approaching winter season.

The fall season is a good time to have aeration done. Aeration will break up the soil and allow for water, oxygen and fertilizer access to your grassroots. Also, this is the time to seed your lawn. The process of aerating and overseeding with help to fill in the bare spots in your lawn and it will help to prevent disease. Additionally, this will help your landscape to be ready for the cold and beautiful in the spring.

Make sure to get all the leaves raked up, or have a company do that for you. B-Sharp offers a fall clean up and has a leaf vacuum to help make this task easier on you. Make sure not to leave any piles of leaves. If piles or a blanket of leaves are left it will prevent your lawn from receiving the sunlight it needs.

A great time to prune your shrubs and trees.

landscape trimmed shrubs


Trimming shrubs and trees in their dormant season you will help to boost growth and keep away those pesky diseases they can get. Perennials need to be trimmed to within an inch or two of the ground.

You want to make sure you get all your plants in the ground about 6 weeks prior to the first frost. This will give your plants time to have a good root growth so that they can withstand the cold temperatures coming. Applying a good layer of mulch will help to protect your plant roots from the cold tempatures ahead.


B-Sharp can help to make the transition from fall to winter an easy one. We offer aeration, overseeding, fall cleanup and leaf removal. Give us a call or an email and we will get you a free estimate!