There are many advantages to mulching your landscape

Advantages of mulching

Some of the advantages of mulch are temperature control, erosion control, soil nutrients, weed control, moisture control, and beautification.

Temperature control is very important for your plant material. Mulching will help to protect the roots of your plants from extreme heat or extreme cold. Mulch acts as a barrier from the heat and keeps your soil and root cool during those sweltering summer days. Protection from fridged temperatures by blocking the frost from penetrating your roots and also acts as an insulator keeping the roots warm.

Mulching will help with erosion by keeping your soil from washing away when it is raining. It acts as a barrier from the raindrops that will displace your soil. Acting as a barrier from those hard rainfalls.

Another advantage of mulching is the addition of soil nutrients. Over time natural organic mulch, such as True Mulch, will decompose leaving all the organic nutrients behind. This will boost the nutrients in your soil helping to feed your plant material.

Weed control is very important to most of us, no one likes those pesky weeds popping up in our flower gardens. Mulch helps to block the sunlight from reaching the soil which then stops the weeds from germinating. Also, mulch can prevent the weeds from being able to get to the soil in the first place.

Moisture control is important when it comes to plants, too much or too little moisture can make all the difference in your plant growth. An advantage of mulch is helping to control the moisture to your plant material. Mulch will help to prevent evaporation from the moisture in your soil.

On top of all of the natural benefits, mulch can provide it also will help to beautify your landscape. You can add the pop your landscape needs just by adding some mulch to your flowerbeds. Showing a defined line between your lawn and flowerbed.

B-Sharp Property maintenance produces 100% natural organic mulch. You might wonder what the difference between our mulch and other is. In our process of making mulch, we only use 100% natural material.

Some companies will use just about anything to produce mulch. Here at B-Sharp, we want to make sure our customers are receiving the best product available. Thus, we never use pallets, railroad ties or chemically treated wood. This ensures that our product is chemical free and safe for the environment and your family!

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