Landscaping can be a difficult task if you chose to take it on yourself. There are many different aspects to caring for your landscape. You have to spring clean, prune, plant, mulch, and mow in the spring and summer. Then get ready for winter by fall cleaning and there is the winter care with snow plowing and salting.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance offers all-season services. Right now, we are preparing for spring. Now is the time to get on the schedule for a spring cleanup, planting, mulching and mowing services.

Spring Cleanup

Our spring cleanup consists of cleaning up all the debris and decaying material along with pruning and preparing your flower beds for planting and mulching.

In addition, after the spring cleanup is finished, if you would like to add plant material to your landscape we can help you. We can map out the area and help you to pick the perfect material to plant. Maximizing your area and making sure to place plant material in ways that will help it thrive.


Next, we would help you to place mulch. We have 100% all-natural organic mulch that is made right here at our location in Clinton, Ohio. We also have a mulch blowing service; with our mulch blower, we can apply the mulch quickly and efficiently to any surface.

Lawn Maintenance

You will also want to get an estimate and on the schedule for the lawn maintenance service. Spaces will be filling up quickly and lawn maintenance will be needed soon. With all the rain and the temperatures warming up your grass is bound to have a serious growth spurt. Our lawn maintenance service includes mowing, line trimming, bagging of grass clippings and cleanup of debris.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance provides services for commercial and residential customers alike. We take pride in our work and always do our best to make sure our customers are happy!

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