Things you must do when spring comes around to beautify your landscape and ensure it is healthy.


First, you have to start by doing a spring cleanup. When doing your spring cleanup you want to make sure to clean all the dead and decaying debris from your lawn and flowerbeds. Doing this will help to make it look good and promote new growth in your plants.3.


If you maintain your edging in the spring it should last all season. You will show a defined edge between your flowerbed and grass. This will let your plants shine when people look at your flowerbed. I personally like a nice edge because it seems to look cleaner and more streamlined.

Make sure you put down a good layer of mulch in the spring; this will help to regulate the temperature for your plants and also distribute water. Mulch protects your plants by being a kind of buffer for the roots from the weather that is going on.


Trim your shrubs at the begging of spring, this will help your plants to heal from the winter they just experienced. Clean up any perennial foliage that you missed in the fall season.

If you do not have time or the energy to do this for yourself, give B-Sharp Property Maintenance a call, email or visit our contact us page and we can do it for you!

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Happy spring!