What mulch is best for your landscape Organic or Inorganic?

Organic vs Inorganic

There are two general types of mulch, organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is made of natural formerly living material. Inorganic mulch is made of items that have never been living and are usually man-made.

The benefits of organic mulch far out way any benefit of inorganic mulch. Inorganic mulch does not break down where organic mulch does. The breakdown or decomposition process of organic mulch adds nutrients to your soil and plant material.

There are a few things you want to know when applying mulch to your landscape. You want to make sure you do not put too thick of a layer down when placing your mulch. B-Sharp Property Maintenance recommends 2 inches, but no more than 3inches. This should be enough to discourage any weed growth.

When placing mulch you want to make sure you put down a pre-emergent to help prevent any new weeds from sprouting. This will not help with any preexisting weeds. So you will want to make sure prior to placing your mulch that you weed the area well.

Mulch holds moisture, so when applying it in the spring you want to make sure you leave about a 1-inch gap between the mulch and the stems of your plant material. This will help to prevent the plant material from rotting or getting diseased.

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