There are many benefits to mulching your landscape. Mulch helps to control weeds, retain moisture, prevent soil erosion, maintains soil nutrients, and provides a beautiful finish.

Mulch helps to control weeds by stopping them from getting the sunlight they need to germinate. A nice layer of mulch Benefits of Mulchwill stop the weeds from having the energy gained from the sunlight to sprout.

In addition, mulch can help to retain up to 80% of added moisture for your plants and soil. It does this by helping to prevent evaporation from the soil beneath.

How does mulch help to prevent soil erosion? Mulch covers the soil and blocks it from wind and rain, which are the main cause of soil erosion. Rain is a big issue with soil erosion; mulch will help to be a blocker from the raindrops that hit the soil causing it to move.

When mulch breaks down and begins to decompose, it is adding natural nutrients to your soil and boosting the organic matter.

Mulch adds a beautiful finish to your landscape. You have many different types of mulch to choose from. If you want to gain all the benefits I listed above you want to make sure, you get an all-natural organic mulch.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance has a 100% all-natural organic mulch called True Mulch. You can pick it up by the truckload or have us install it for you. Either way, you decided to go you are adding not only an aesthetically please look to your landscape, but protecting and adding nutrients to your soil.

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