Get Ready for Spring

Cleaning up for Spring

It is time to get ready for spring. This means to start thinking about those dreaded spring cleanups of your landscape. Winter is almost officially gone and spring will officially be here in a few days. The time is about to change to give us more time in the evenings. This means after work we can check out what winter has done to our landscape.

When doing your spring cleanup you want to make sure you clean up any leaves branches or debris that has landed in your flowerbed or on your lawn. Haul it away to your local compost facility or landfill.


Get ready to mow your lawn for the first time in a few months. You will want to make sure your grass reaches a length of between 2 to 3 inches before that first mow. This will prevent damage to your grass and protect your roots from being infected with a lawn disease.

Make sure you redefine the edging of your flowerbeds; this gives it a well-manicured look and is a great start for separating your blooming flowers from your lawn.


This would be the time to reseed if you think it is necessary. Fall is the best time for reseeding, however, if you think you need it the cooler temperatures we are having right now are the best time for grass growth.

Pruning is good this time of year, you can get all the dead branches off and boost the growth of new.

If you are looking for a company to help you get ready for spring and to do all of this work for you, B-Sharp Property Maintenance offers a spring cleanup package. We will take care of this labor-intense work and make your landscape beautiful for the upcoming spring season.

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