Winter Weather Advisory

Northeast Ohio is under a winter weather advisory once again. Those of us who thought winter was gone, well it has come back again.

We are expecting up to 4 inches of snow and some ice accumulation on top of that! B-Sharp Property Maintenance hopes that you have a snow and ice management team to help you during this time!

Homeowners and business alike, who wants to be out in the freezing temperatures plowing or scraping ice during a winter weather advisory. You should call your local snow and ice management company to do it for you!

Make sure to check out the companies reviews, talk to friends, neighbors, and family to see if they recommend anyone. Your snow and ice management company should be insured, you should also ask what their turn around time is for when a storm arrives.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance offers full-service snow and ice management. We will come out to your property or business and plow the driveway or parking lot, shovel your sidewalks and put down a layer of salt to help with slippery conditions.

Don’t get caught in a snow or ice storm without a snow and ice management team!

Give us a call at (330)882-1999, email or visit our contact us page to get put on our route.