Winter Weather

It appears that Mother Nature had the last word and Punxsutawney Phil may have not been 100% correct about the winter weather. Even though on Ground Hog day when he did not see his shadow, there has been snow and ice flying here in Northeast Ohio.

You want to make sure that you are properly taking care of the snow and ice when it is flying. Having exceptional snow and ice management team on your side is the only way to properly handle the winter weather that showed up the last few days. B-Sharp Property Maintenance is just that company.

They are a professional insured company that works very hard to make sure that all their customers are safe during the inclement weather.

Providing service to residential customers walking out to their mailbox or to their car can be difficult when there are snow and ice on the ground. B-Sharp will come out and make sure you do not have to walk to your mailbox or car and risk a slip or fall.

They also do commercial properties, this way you can make sure to protect your customers from slips or falls when coming or going from your establishment protecting the safety of the customer and business.

Make sure you are ready when more winter weather arrives! Contact B-Sharp Property Maintenance today for an estimate or service.