Fall is almost over and winter will be showing up before you know it. Make sure you get prepared for what is to come!

First, make sure you have your landscape prepared so that it will withstand the winter weather that is coming. You want to get all your outdoor plants cleaned up and trimmed down. Make sure all your leaves are cleaned up off your lawn.

The preparation of plants in the fall for winter is very important if you want them to withstand the cold months. Make sure you have a layer of mulch down to act as a barrier from the cold for their root systems. Making sure to care for your plants in the fall will help them to be beautiful again in the spring!

Leaf cleanup in the fall is important too!

Fall Preparation for the Winter Season

The leaves changing colors and falling is a beautiful sight, however, the blanket of leaves on your lawn can be detrimental. Make sure you clean them up so that they do not cause serious issues for the spring. Leaves left covering your lawn will be a breeding ground for disease.

If you have not already, you should book an appointment to have a reliable company, to come in and clean your landscape for you. B-Sharp Property Maintenance has a full-service fall cleanup available. We can take care of all the hard work for you! Cleaning up and preparing your plants for the winter. We can also blow your leaves off your lawn for you, and then vac them up with our leaf vacuum truck.  Our team of professionals will do the hard work for you, so you are not coming home from a long day or week at work and trying to do it yourself in the dark!

Once you have prepared for winter it is time to start thinking about when winter arrives.

Fall Preparation for the Winter Season

Do you want to shovel your drive and walk in the fridge temperatures? If not B-Sharp is a one-stop-shop for all your property maintenance needs. We will not only help you prepare for winter but withstand winter too! If you are looking to have someone plow and salt your drive and walks, you have come to the right place!

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