Preparation for Winter
           Hawthorn Berries

When most of us think of winter, we think of cold white/grey colorless landscapes. However, this does not always have to be the case! If you prepare for winter, you can actually have a beautiful landscape that stands out from the typical dreary white/grey winter season.

You want to start by thinking about what types of plants are going to withstand the winter months. There are many options you would be surprised. Some evergreens are perennials and have dormant seedpods and beautiful colors.

Plants in preparation for winter

Plant Material for Winter

Think about Barrenwort. This plant has ground cover foliage that has tiny flowers. This plant keeps its fall leaves through the winter season and in the spring; it has blooms that last approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

There is also the Helleborus. Helleborus is an evergreen with leathery leaves that vary in color. Some of the colors include white, pink, yellow and purple.


Maybe you are not looking for planting in preparation for winter. If you are not looking to plant in preparation for winter there are something’s you need to do or have done to make sure your landscape will be ready for when winter hits and beautiful when spring arrives.

You want to make sure you remove all the fallen leaves and debris from your lawn. This will help to keep your grass healthy throughout the winter months. B-Sharp Property Maintenance provides a full fall cleanup option or just leaf removal. Give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

Fertilization is something to think about, some believe it is better to fertilize in the spring. However, the late fall is truly the best time to apply that fertilizer, this will ensure that your grass has the proper nutrients it needs to withstand the upcoming cold weather and be ready for growth in the spring.

Make sure you have a snow removal company in mind. This way when that big snowstorm hits you are not caught off guard with cleaning up the mess. You should start researching now the businesses in your area that provide these services. B-Sharp also offers commercial and residential snow removal services.