Shrub and Tree TrimmingTrimming of shrubs and trees is an important step to landscaping maintenance. It not only is beneficial for the look of your landscape, but trimming is good for the life of your shrubs and trees. Keeping a regular maintenance routine will prevent dead and decaying debris from your plants and this will prevent diseases.

Have you driven by a home that has beautifully manicured shrubs and trees? This took some time and proper maintenance. Those shrubs had to be trimmed and cared for on a regular basis. This is how they could be shaped into the shrub you see today! Contact B-Sharp Property Maintenance today to schedule your trimming appointment.

Also, if you do not properly care for your trees and shrubs, eventually they will decline in health. They can even lose their flowers if they have any or will become overgrown. The problem with not trimming your shrubs is that the interior will lack the sunlight it needs to flourish.

Also, there is a rule to pruning that you should know, it is called the ⅓ rule. This rule is good for fully established shrubs and trees. This rule of thumb is that you should only trim about ⅓ of the growth during your pruning season. If you prune too little you are not really helping the plant and you are not stimulating new growth. However, if you prune too much you can damage the plant or hinder its growth. You should always allow new transplants a season or two before pruning so that they can get over the shock of being transplanted.

If you would like more information or a quote on getting your shrubs or trees trimmed, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We can be reached at (330) 882-1999.