There is only one truely organic mulch, True Mulch
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B-Sharp offers wood chips.

Our wood chips are straight from the back of a chipper. There are many uses for chips. Some people like to use them for the base of their playgrounds, to line the forest line of their yard and to help prevent erosion.

Biomass soil fuel, organic mulch for your garden and landscape are

other Wood Chipsuses for the chips. Have you ever wondered how paper is made? It comes from wood chippings, it is called wood pulp and then is chemically treated and made into paper.

When the chips are decomposing they have an acidic pH, however, once decomposition is complete your soil will not be acidic.

We never use chemically treated lumber to creat our chips. They are all-natural 100% organic straight from your back yard tree.

Typically, the chips are small to medium size. Also, there are many different types of chippers that are used. Some of the types are disk, drum, and screw-type. As a matter of fact, we use a drum chipper this has a rotating parallel-sided drum, connected to an engine. The wood is drawn into the chute by the rotation of the drum and then the steel blades chip the wood.