There is only one truely organic mulch, True Mulch
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Leaf compost can contain twice as many minerals as manure. It creates a rich, dark earthy organic matter that can be used as soil. This is because most trees have deep roots and absorb the minerals from the soil. Once absorbed the minerals then end up in the leaves.


In fact, leaf compost is the most valuable because it contains superior amounts of fibrous organic matter. Also, it will help to permit aeration and drainage. Adding body to light soil and loosening heavy soil.

Composting of leaves is a great way to recycle and reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. In addition, you can create soil that is nutrient-rich. This compost will hold moisture and can help to stop weeds.

Leaf compost is also known as humus. Humus is just another word for an organic component of soil formed by the decomposition of leaves and plant-like material.

You can start your own compost in your back yard! First, you will need to start with fallen leaves; pile them up in a bin or in a section of your yard. Second,  you will want to keep building the pile until you feel it is large enough for you to maintain. Thirdly, you will want to make sure to put something on top that is nitrogen-rich. Some nitrogen-rich items you can use are grass clippings, food waste or manure. Finally, you will want to make sure to turn your compost pile at least once every month.

B-Sharp is a Class IV composting facility and we will take your yard waste and turn it into compost. We also do full-service spring and fall cleanups, and even have a curbside leaf pick up service.