There is only one truely organic mulch, True Mulch
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Are you looking for an all-organic mulch to help make your landscape look beautiful this spring, summer, and fall? Have you researched the different types of mulch that are out there? 

Well if you have done some research, I am sure you have found there are hundreds of varieties of mulch and many different manufacturers. There however is only one company out there that manufactures 100% all-natural organic mulch! 

B-Sharp Property Maintenance, located in Green, Ohio is the one and only manufacturer of True Mulch! 

















True Mulch is an all-natural 100% organic locally manufactured mulch. What makes this mulch so special you may ask? Well, the fact that it is only made with organic non-chemically treated ingredients is the thing that sets True Mulch apart from other mulches. 

There are five different types of True Mulch offered at B-Sharp. The difference in each type is only the color! Their color is created by using an all-natural carbon dye so that there are no non-organic chemicals used in the process. 

You can purchase Red, Hardwood Brown, Chocolate Brown, Premium Brown, and Double Dark. 

Most mulches are made with anything that a mulch company has laying around, for example, some companies use railroad ties, pallets, and yard clippings. We do not use those items because they are heavily treated with chemicals and are not safe for animals and humans alike! 

When you put mulch down you are using it to not only help the beauty of your landscape but to also protect your plants, trees, and shrubs and overtime to build up the topsoil in your landscape. When you use True Mulch you can rest easy knowing that your plants are not being exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides and when your mulch is decomposing it is creating a healthy non-chemically altered topsoil! 

If you are looking for top quality 100% all-natural organic mulch you must check out B-Sharp Property Mantiances True Mulch it is hands down the best around!