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Our leaf removal process is fast and easy! We refuse to let you waste your time and money in making inconvenient trips to the dump for disposing of stray leaves and yard waste.


Curbside Leaf Collection
For close to three decades, we have been in the business of leaf vacuuming services. Our clients do not have to deal with the mess of bagging leaves. B-Sharp Property Maintenance services will help you keep your premises clean, save you from the hassles of loose leaves and save you time.

Leaf Raking/Blowing
Our full-service leaf cleanup company will rake/blow all the stray leaves in your yard to a specified area. We also understand that you want to restore the beautiful visual of your neat and tidy lawn without ending up having blisters or sore backs. This is why we also provide leaf hauling services for an additional charge.

Don’t wait until spring to deal with the mess of fallen leaves. You can use our services and enjoy a beautiful view of your lawn. B Sharp Property Maintenance provides simple solutions to do-it-yourself homeowners who lack equipment for raking and cleaning. We come in handy on days when you do not want to tackle the job yourself. If you want a convenient, efficient and affordable way to organize your yard contact B-Sharp Property Maintenance via this website or call 330-882-1999 for pricing.

Curbside Removal/Vacuum:
We take pleasure in making your surroundings clean and organized. Our team is well-equipped to handle residential curbside leaf removal. We carry out the operations without creating any disturbance.

For optimum results, we request you to keep in mind the following things before our arrival:
  1. Our equipment covers everything within approximately 10’ of the street or driveway edge, to ensure that the leaves are within this range.
  2. Sticks (hand-breakable) and vines should not be mixed with the leaves.
  3. Bags or tarps should be used for removing leaves.
  4. Foreign debris such as rocks, balls, bottles, and others should be removed from the leaves beforehand.

It is our genuine request to all our clients to have the work area cleared of cars, lawn furniture, trinkets etc. We do not take responsibility for any property damage that may occur due to the negligence of clients. Please discuss the off-limits areas with us before booking an appointment.

Clean Up Expectation
B-Sharp Property Maintenance takes full responsibility of raking and blowing stray leaves present on your premises. We believe in making a difference with our service and work hard to match the expectations of our clients. With our services, you will never have to worry about the cleanliness of your yard. We guarantee to leave the target area cleaner than the rest of the surroundings and fulfill all your requirements.

NOTE: In the case of decomposed or partially decomposed leaves that have been buried under soil, we can only help you to a certain limit. We do not remove the dirt and decomposed leaves buried under grass, plants, rocks, etc.

Concealed Contingencies

Whenever there is a question on the subsurface integrity of the client’s driveway, there is a slight chance of property damage. B-Sharp Property Maintenance will not be held accountable for damages to the driveway resulting from heavy equipment and trucks. We advise you to clear out the work area in advance so that no damage occurs to items such as retaining walls, lighting, electrical, water, or sprinklers.