Seasonal Maintenance

The Importance of Seasonal Maintenance Of Your Yard

Seasonal maintenance of your yard is one important thing that many do not think about. In our busy lives, we don’t think about all the things that can and do happen with our outside living spaces when the seasons change. Your yard is a living thing and needs care too.


You should follow a schedule with maintenance on your yard. This is easily done if you are able to hire a landscaping company to take care of the work for you. Each season brings a new task that needs to be done to make sure that our outdoor living areas are well taken care of and enjoyable to us for that season.


Each of the seasons brings its own unique challenges. Money doesn’t grow on trees and they are not cheap to bring back from neglect either!


A well-maintenance landscape has a better chance of recovering quickly from attacks from pests/insects, disease, and adverse weather. Not only will your landscape be healthy, but it will be aesthetically pleasing as well.


Outside of the health and beauty when maintaining your landscape with the seasons, you also increase the value of your home. 


Spring is the time when you want to prepare your landscape for the upcoming summer months. In the spring it is important to clean up debris from the winter, care for your grass after it has been dormant, prune and planting of seeds after the last frost and the ground is warm. This is also the time to contact a local landscaping company. Full-service landscaping companies like B-Sharp Property Maintenance can customize a seasonal schedule that works best for you!


Summer is the time when we spend the most time outdoors. This is the time when you care for your spring planting to ensure that it is healthy and lasts through the season. Summer also brings the heat so watering becomes an important task. You could have your lawn aerated in the summer months to promote airflow, helping to keep your lawn healthy.


Fall is the time when you want to start your winter preparations. All your hard work in the spring and care in the summer should not in vain. You will want to make sure to keep the falling and blowing leaves off your landscape. This will prevent lawn diseases from starting. Toward the end of fall is the time to do your final pruning and winterization of shrubs, trees, and your lawn. 


Winter is usually the hardest on our landscapes, with the harsh freezing temperatures, snow, and salt applications. This is the time when you want to make sure that you are careful. Your salt distribution can be detrimental to your lawn and gardens. 


Seasonal care for your landscape is just as important as the seasonal care of your home. It will help to ensure that you get to enjoy the most out of your outdoor living space!