Soil, considered by many to be the most crucial surface for any landscape/ garden on the property. Creating this barrier not only looks fabulous but serves a huge purpose! Now it’s time to know what soil works best for your use.

Topsoil can have multiple textures to it, usually including materials such as clay, sand, and silt. For gardening purposes, avoid heavily packing the topsoil, this will help retain water and allow air to travel in and out of the topsoil.

What is topsoil???

Topsoil is considered to be the foremost layer, hence; the word “top.” 

Here at B-sharp topsoil is screened to remove debris and create a natural texture to best suit your property. 

Use of topsoil : 

  1. level low spots 
  2. Add organic material to help reduce weed growth

What is bedding soil?

Bedding soil is a form of topsoil that has been modified to ensure plant growth. Bedding soil is more specific to plant inhabitants and smaller sections. Bedding soil may include compost and other potting mixes.