Its time to start thinking about mulch, spring will be in full swing before we know it! With so many options in the mulch department, how do you know what the best type is for you?

There are many different types of mulches you can choose from. To some, this may seem overwhelming, but do not worry we will help you to decide what is best for you!

Organic Mulch

Organic Mulch 

Organic mulch is made of hardwood and softwood chips, bark, leaves and other plant material. That goes through a grinding process and made into small chunks.



Organic Mulch


Inorganic mulch is made of a material that does not decompose. Some inorganic mulch options are rocks, crusher dust, and pulverized rubber.


Since inorganic mulches do not decompose, they will not need to be replenished as often. However, they also do not give you the added benefits that organic mulch does with the decomposition process.

Organic mulch will decompose and add many nutrients into your soil. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it will help your plants to thrive! As the decomposition process begins it will add a nutrient-rich layer of topsoil to the area you have it.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance grinds its own mulch. We call it True Mulch; it is 100% all organic mulch. Some companies will say they have organic mulch; however, the proof is in the material used. If they use treated lumber, railroad ties, or wood pallets then this mulch is not truly organic!

We never used any type of treated lumber, railroad ties, or wood pallets. These things have been chemically altered and they are not what we want to put in our 100% all organic mulch!


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