Spring Preparation

Spring will be here in about 8 days are you ready? When spring officially arrives, you will want to make sure you start to prepare your landscape so it can show off its full beauty.

Start the preparation by cleaning up your lawn and flowerbeds. If you do not have time to do this hire a landscape professional to come out and do the cleanup for you. Check all your plants for winter damage. Move or divide your perennials if you want, fertilize your plants and get ready to apply organic mulch!

When cleaning up your flowerbeds and lawn you want to make sure to redefine your edging if needed. This will help to provide a clear divide between your flowerbeds and grass. Clear out all the unwanted debris that has landed in your flowerbed. Things like trash, pinecones, sticks and pull up any unsightly weeds.

Checking for Damage

Next in the spring, you need to check your plant material for damage from the winter. Make sure to prune any broken or dead branches. You want to make sure and do this so your plant material has a good start when it is time to bloom and continue growing.

If you feel like you need to move or divide your perennials this is the time to do so. You can do this in the early spring as long as they are not showing growth.  Start by digging up the plant separate the plant into smaller sections and replant them in the areas you would like.


Fertilizing your plants is important to help give them a boost for the upcoming growing season. Make sure to sprinkle the fertilizer at the base of your plant material and then you will want to place a per-emergent weed control down to help prevent weeds from germinating.

Organic Mulch

Finally, it is time to put down a layer of organic mulch. Mulching will not only add an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your flowerbeds but will also help to regulate temperature and moisture. Mulch is also a good barrier for the annoying weeds that the pre-emergent did not take care of.

B-Sharp Property Maintenance is a full-service landscape company and we can handle all of these steps for you! B-Sharp has a full-service spring cleanup that will take care of all your needs! We also have our own organic mulch that is made right here at our location in Clinton, Ohio

Give us a call (330-882-1999), email (bsharppm@gmail.com) or submit a request on our contact us page.