The winter season in Northeast Ohio is difficult even for the most experienced homeowner, property manager, and landscaper. The snow, ice, and salt will make it very challenging to keep your property looking attractive. There are a few things you can to do to keep it looking great!

Climate Zone

First, you want to know your climate zone. There are climate maps that will help you with this. Here in Ohio, there are Northeast Ohiothree climate zones found 5b, 6a, and 6b. Here in Northeast Ohio, we are in the climate hardiness zones of 6a and 6b.

You might ask what does this mean for me. Most Oho gardeners will want to make sure their perennials, shrubs, and trees survive all the seasons and knowing the climate zone you are in will help you with this. The USDA has used the last 30 years of data collected to perfect the plant hardiness map.

Here in Stark and Summit counties, we are in Zone 6a. Zone 6a has a minimum average temperature of   -10◦ to -5◦ F during the winter months. Examples of these plants that thrive in Northeast Ohio are Snowdrops, Reticulate Iris, Winter Aconite and Pansies. Some other perennials that will thrive in our climate zone are Bee balm, Coneflower, Salvia, Daylily, and Hosta.


Northeast Ohio


Snowdrops begin blooming in February and March. These flowers like cooler temperatures. These perennials will be dormant during the summer and spring months. The best time to plant these is in the early fall; make sure you plant them almost immediately after purchasing to ensure they are not damaged these bulbs do not store well.

Northeast Ohio


Pansies also begin blooming in February and March. You should plant these in late summer or fall if you want them to bloom, in the winter.

Therefore, if you planned ahead you will soon be seeing flowers bloom! B-Sharp Property Maintenance has 30+ years of experience in landscaping, we can help you to have a beautiful landscape all year round!