Early Spring declared on Groundhog Day 2020early spring


Today was the day most of us watched Punxsutawney Phil, watching to see if he would run and hide from his shadow or not. The great news is that he did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring. This means that we need to start thinking about what we need to do for spring.

Since we have not had much of a winter this season, this could cause some issues for your lawn. The cold temperatures during the winter months help to prevent disease in your lawn

early spring

Due to the warm winter we have had our lawns could have a fungal disease. Typically, the cold temperatures keep these diseases from being so prevalent in your landscape. Keep an eye out for signs and symptoms.

Some signs of lawn fungal disease are dark brown spots, red threads, light-green or yellow patches or a grayish-white/ whitish-pink patches,


early spring

Keep an eye on your lawn and garden for these signs of disease and start talking with your

landscape provider to see when you should have spring work done.

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