Tips on how to prepare for the winter season.

Winter preparation should start with cleaning out your flowerbeds; make sure you have all the debris and leaves cleanout to prevent the area from growing disease and bacteria that will Winter Preparationaffect the growth of your plants in the spring.

Make sure to blow or rake your leaves off the grass, so that you will prevent bare spots from occurring once that blanket of snow is down. If you leave the layer of leafs you can make a breeding ground for bacteria and mold to grow. This will mean extra work for you in the spring to get your beautiful lawn back.


Now is a good time to aerate your soil. This will make pockets for the root of your grass to spread and boost the oxygen and nutrients Winter Preparationthey get.  It also boosts water drainage.

Once you have aerated you then want to put seed down, by aerating you put pockets for the seed to germinate. By putting down seeds, you are encouraging the growth of new grass.

Make sure to prune shrubs and protect them prior to the onset of winter. Pruning will ensure growth in the spring now is the best time because most pests are in hibernation and will not attack the shrub. Make sure a good layer of soil or mulch covers the root system so that you can prevent damage to the roots during the cold temperatures. Mulch acts like a blanket keeping in the warmth to protect the root system.

Winter Preparation includes checking your Trees!

Fall is a good time to check the health of your trees. Most of us have at least one in our landscape plan and we want to make sure it is as healthy as possible. Make sure to remove dead branches and check that there is no infestation of insects or fungi that could cause more damage over the winter months if you leave it untreated.

Make sure you have a plan of action for the salt that will get used in the winter months. This salt can be detrimental to your landscape if you have not prepared for it. The salt will draw the moisture away from all your plants and trees. You should never put salt on ice that has formed on your landscape; it will then drain into the ground and cause damage to the ecosystem.

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