Are you looking for plants that will bloom in the winter to keep your landscape from looking bare when all the others are not in bloom?

There are many different types of plant material that will grow well and bloom in the winter season.


Pansies area good choice for the winter. It will bloom on and off all winter long. These plants like the cooler temperatures.

winter planting
   Blue Star Amsonia


Blue Star Amsonia is a cold-tolerant plant. Recommended for zones 4 through 9, withstanding temperatures below freezing. Blooms with a dense cluster of pale blue flowers.

Winter blooming camellias are a beautiful choice in any landscape design. They are low maintenance that like full sun, partial sun and the shade.  Ranked as one the best flowering shrubs.

Looking for something that is deer resistant and hardy enough to last through winter?

You can try arugula. Arugula is edible and beautiful, all while deterring deer. Make sure you plant this along the edge of your landscaping where you have the most issue with deer invading your plants.

winter planting
     Winter Jasmine


Winter jasmine is a low maintenance plant that this perfect for the winter season. These plants bloom around January and have a yellow color flower. They will brighten up the winter slump you might be in. They have a sweet scent and if you are trying to hide a wall or area this is the choice for you. It can become 4 to 15 feet tall, but pruning will help to keep the desired size and shape.

winter planting

There are over 200 species of hibiscus flowers. All of them have different color variations, shapes, and sizes. This plant is hearty and withstands the winter season well. The flowers typically last 3 days and then close and fall off, but the good news is the cycle starts all over again!


winter planting


Snowdrop is a flowering plant that will grow to 3 to 12 inches in height. Blooming in mid to late winter with three petals with that have green tips and overlap forming a tube. You should plant these in small groups in the fall.


If you looking to have professional place your plants for you, contact B-Sharp Property Maintenance. We can help you prepare a landscape design and implement it as well!