Winter is coming make sure the outside of your home is prepared. Fall Cleanup

It’s almost that time of the year again, time to prepare for the upcoming winter months. Fall cleanup is when you have all your plants, shrubs, bushes, trees trimmed. You also, want to clean all drainage areas of debris, make sure all the leaves are up off the ground, clean out your flower beds and gardens in preparation for when the snow begins to fly. During this time of yeat should also power wash your decks and house and store your tools properly.

During your fall cleanup, you will want to put down your preemergent and or herbicides to stop the weeds from germinating. You can also have your aerating done during this time, it is best because it will ensure that the roots of your plants receive the proper nutrients during the winter months. Aeration keeps the water from ponding on the surface and breaks up the soil to promote air movement and prevent compaction.
After you aerate your lawn you can put down fertilizer and this will help to ensure that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs during the winter months. This will encourage the growth of your roots so that when spring comes back around, you will have a beautiful lawn.


Pruning your trees and shrubs. You want to make sure to cut back any dead branches or overgrown bushes. If you have any perennials this is the time to prune them and start to train the branches. You will want to get ready to protect your sensitive plants. Make sure to have a barrier from the cold protecting the roots, True Mulch, is a good barrier and it is 100% organic mulch! You can plant some of your new bulbs, shrubs and fall annuals. Believe it or not some plants do better when you plant or transplant them in the fall.

General cleanup

You also, want to make sure to clean your deck and outside of your home during this time. Power washing is a good thing to do. Power washing will prevent mold and mildew from forming on your decks or house. Finally, some of us don’t think about the cleaning and storage of gardening tools. The fall season is the perfect time to properly clean and store them. Proper cleaning and storage will ensure they will be ready for use in the spring. You might also want to give them a good coating of oil so that you prevent rusting over the winter.