The curbside is a property’s facade. It is the first impression of a house. Most people underestimate the importance of maintaining and beautifying the curbside area near their houses. But the sooner you realize that it provides the first glimpse of what your house might be from the inside, the better. Even though these tough environments don’t often support healthy lawns, they can still host stunning gardens that dramatically improve their surroundings.


Rewards of Curbside Gardens


A curbside garden will contribute substantially to your property’s look and feel. Imagine how visitors might relish walking through a garden to get to your front door. Imagine driving into your garage past a specially designed “welcome home” garden. Even the sound of it is just refreshing.

Less work

A well-designed curbside garden can also cut your chore load. To maintain the garden without using a mower, plant herbs and shrubs that will grow to be of equal heights, stay in bounds, and stay-up year-round. You would need to run a maintenance check only once or twice a year.

Water Savings

For additional savings in terms of time, effort, and money make the garden well irrigated. Include only plants that will grow without additional water or invest in an automated irrigation system to further reduce the resources your curbside landscape will demand every day, every week, and every year. This way, your water bills will also drop significantly.

A strip of land, if cultivated as a garden, can absorb runoff water, grow food for your family, support woody plants, and shelter your home and landscape from the sun and winds. It also provides additional habitat for wildlife and gives a four-season show of texture and color.

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