Considering how the landscape trees look these days, all green and beautiful, planted in islands of red bark chips, it’s almost impossible to believe that the world was not introduced to green mulching nearly five decades ago. Earlier, nature had its way by utilizing the fallen leaves on the ground. But then, people started going with fall and spring cleaning to maintain the neatness of their backyards and gardens, leading to the evacuation of leaves, which could have naturally turned into mulch. But fret not, because we humans are intelligent species. It is now made of leaves, pine needles, and other organic stuff (like compost and bark), to maintain moisture, reduce weed growth, mitigate soil erosion, and improve soil conditions.

Importance of proper mulching

In fact, there is a proper way to maintain the health of your garden. You can’t just have anyone do it. Here’s what could happen as a result of improper mulching.

  1. For example, deep mulching on wet soils leads to a collection of excess moisture in the roots. This stresses the plant and causes the root to rot.
  2. If you pile mulch against the trunk or stems of plants, it could lead to stress in stem tissues. Consequently, there will be a development of insects and diseases.
  3. Fresh grass clippings could severely play with the pH of the soil, which could lead to nutrient deficiencies and toxic buildups.
  4. Mulching against trunks of trees that haven’t yet aged fully create habitats for rodents that feed on the bark and girdle the trees.
  5. Penetration of water and air into soil gets really difficult if thick blankets of fine mulch are laid down.

These are the reasons why you should consider people who are experts. If you’re looking for mulch blowing services in Akron, Ohio, get in touch with us. Call or stop in today for all of your needs. We carry different types and colors of mulch. We use a blower, which allows us to go on uneven terrain, hills and those hard to reach areas with our 150 ft of hose driving.