A common misconception about lawn cleanups is that they should be scheduled to make your garden look beautiful. However, research on overall garden health, prevention of diseases and safety shows that these cleanups should be done more frequently and not just when your yard looks like a big mess. Perhaps a good spring cleanup is what your yard is desperately in need of.


Lawn Cleanup – Why Spring?

There is a sound explanation for raking leaves in spring. It has more to do with the yard’s health than it has to do with its beauty. Winter carries various surprises for your yard that may cause harm to it. To maintain a strategic distance from frightful grass related diseases, it is imperative to hire spring clean up services and get it tidied up after the snow has melted.

Snow mold is one garden condition that can infect your yard. At the point when snow remains on the yard for a really long time, the grass can get infected with mold. Therefore, the ideal thing to do is rake the grass and leaves lightly and promote some air flow to clear off molds.

Other than this, the leftover leaves from fall must be removed or they may hamper new grass growth. Ensure you do it on time before new plants begin to grow, and be delicate with the rake. Add these leaves to the fertilizer heap, or use them as mulch.

Features of a Good Spring Cleanup

A decent spring cleanup incorporates inspecting your bushes, shrubs, trees, and other different plants for damaged or dead branches. Pruning dead branches on trees, hedges, and bushes cause it to spread its nutrients to flourishing areas. Also, removing dead plants can keep any diseases that may have killed the plant from spreading further into your yard.

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